An immersive journey into San Francisco's 80-Year affordable housing experiment

Walking cinema:  Museum of the Hidden City is an interactive media project that explores the history of affordable housing from multiple perspectives.  The upcoming interactive website and series of mobile-guided walking tours will take audiences deep into the lives and landscapes of four people who have completely different--but geographically overlapping--experiences of affordable housing in San Francisco.  



We found four San Franciscans who come from vastly different walks of life (and even time periods.)  Literally walking in their shoes, small features in the cityscape unlock larger stories of injustice, city design, and incomplete experiments.    



PREACHER AND PLANNER caught in the crosswinds between renewal and displacement in 1970's Fillmore District.




LOCAL HISTORIAN and journalist who has written extensively on walking and equitable housing in San Francisco.


yesenia RAMIREZ

A mother of three who won an affordable unit in a slick highrise next to Twitter’s headquarters after being marginally housed for four years.


Yusef Freeman

A young developer who grew up in a neighborhood in decline and then spent three years working on the revitalization of the Candlestick Park district.


Augmemented reality

The app uses augmented reality to show characters' perspective on neighborhoods, overlay historic data, and take audiences inside limited access buildings.  

perspectives ar.jpg


Throughout the walking experience, audiences discover hidden, special-access installations that give them a hands-on experience of the history. 


excerpt from the film

The clip below recounts Yesenia Ramirez's complex relationship with her Below Market Rate apartment.  While it's a gosend compared to living in family shelters, luxury towers may not be the best way to create affordable housing.  Is it the best use per square foot of the funds?  What evidence is there that low-income residents benefit long-term from living in high-income areas?  

Remote app demo

For audiences who can't go on site to experience the Museum of the Hidden City, there will be a responsive website that allows them to virtually walk with the characters.  This version of the story includes more background on the characters, data on housing trends, and immersive 360 video of the walk.  

App gives audiences option to remotely experience the story.  

App gives audiences option to remotely experience the story.  

Immersive video allows audiences to virtually walk the path as they hear the story.  


Podcasts will give remote audiences an experience of the stories while not merely repeating the walking content, rather, expanding on it.